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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great Blend

There are lots of baby products on the market, touting the easiest or fastest way to make your own baby food at home.

I find them all to be fine, but mostly gimmick.

The real deal? An immersion blender (aka immersion wand) is all you need. You can steam what you'd like in your own pot, or just blend raw veggies or fruits using any bowl. The only 2 catches:
1. be careful using while foods are hot - allow to cool first, since holding at a slight angle can send food flying across your kitchen.
2. it only works with "wet" (or moist) materials, so if you're blending raws, you'll need to add water, formula, or milk to successfully blend.

Try it out - voila, you'll have great baby food AND you can use leftovers to make your own soups or dips. Here are a few ideas that work great for me:

-homemade hummus (SO easy - just whizz a can of chickpeas for baby, and for adults add whatever spices you enjoy)
-steamed squash (use leftovers to make creamy squash soups - just add onion or garlic & salt)
-steamed broccoli & cauliflower
-yogurt/berry smoothies (need I say more?)

Healthy food for baby AND mom. What a treat!