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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parenting Forum

Today, our local private school hosted a parenting discussion. Here are the 2 key concepts that resonated for me, in an interesting catch-22:

-Choosing a Path: similar to Steven Covey's "Begin with the End in Mind" - you must chose a path, a vision, a goal for your child. Where would you like to see him in a year, in five years, or as an adult? What kinds of accomplishments do you dream for her? If you don't have any hopes and plans for your child, then you are doing her a disservice. You are not believing in her abilities, strengths, and unique qualities to go far. So choose a path. And stick to it. Believe in it. Because your child deserves a flowery and beautiful future.

-Follow the Flow: each child is different, and while you may think your little Einstein is born to be a mathematician, he may prefer to become a musician. While your commentary about who and what he should be are valuable, his own sense of self is what ultimately really matters. You can only guide him as far as he will follow - beyond that, he'll decide for himself, and then YOU will be the one following... in order to support him on his journey.

The best parents will strike a balance between these two concepts. We need to have a solid, stable path for our kid, but also be immediately willing to change course. To be comfortable with both ideas simultaneously takes immense courage and strength, which is why parenting is the toughest job on the market. But the bonus will make the investment worth it. Satisfaction Guaranteed! :)

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  1. So interesting. My parents never had a plan for us. At least not one that we knew of. I feel like they were just trying to get by one day at a time. Hmm. For now, my kids all want to be "digger men". I have slightly different dreams for them, though. ;)