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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magic of Music

You've had a long night. A long week. Fights with the husband. Fights with the kids... laundry and carpools and dishes - oh my! Sound familiar? Rather than wallow in self-pity, it's time to take your mind off the challenges you've been facing. Turn off those negative thoughts.

Hmmm... how does one turn off one's mind? Unless you're a master at yoga, this sounds like an impossible task.

Fear not, my friend - there is an easy solution: music.

Music is an easy way to change your attitude. If you're stuck in a funk, crank up your favorite song. Sing along. Pour out your woes! And when you're feeling a bit better, make a list of your favorite upbeat songs, to keep playing tomorrow and beyond. Create a playlist and set it to "repeat" mode on your stereo, in your car, or on your computer :)

You'll be amazed at how much rosier your day looks with good music playing in the background.

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