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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having Fun Yet?

I recently met a life coach who reminded me of a simple principle: enjoy life.

As moms, we can easily get bogged down - between the fatigue, the kids' whining, the babies crying, the never-ending lists of what we *should* have gotten done today, this week, or this year... we can feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.

But of course, this is hardly how we want our children to think about us as parents. We're still role models and need to show our children how to be happy, upbeat, and optimistic adults.

But how do you just choose to "enjoy yourself"? Or just "be happy"? Believe it or not, there IS a simple answer: tap into your own youth.

Find an activity that you enjoyed when you were young. Maybe you liked to draw cartoons? Or ride your bike? Maybe you love to sing or dance or ice skate? For me, I love musical theater, so I turn on Les Miz and sing around the house at the top of my lungs. Sometimes, my kids laugh at me. Sometimes, they join in. But always, we're sharing smiles for awhile.

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