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Thursday, February 3, 2011

good eating

Childhood obesity is a real problem. Unless you live in a third world country, your child is at risk. Period. Sadly, most parents in America (especially) don't heed warnings and feed small children plenty of foods with extra sugar, preservatives, food colorings, and other toxins for their bodies. Once your child sees that her friend has a lunch consisting of: m&m yogurt, nacho chips, chocolate pudding, and a juice-drink which is mostly sugar, she will quickly be eager to join the ranks of the junkies. So even the parents with the best intentions are facing an uphill battle. Unless you live in a commune with strict healthy-diet requirements, you will likely need to be very dedicated to this cause if you want to keep your child healthy & fit.

Now, I'm not a hard-core organic fanatic (or so I think), but I *am* devoted to teaching my children healthy eating habits. That includes lots of fresh vegetables and fruit in their diet. Lean proteins. Whole grains. Soups & salads. I've already posted a blog about how to introduce more vegetables into their diets, so if you're looking for some practical ideas, visit my blog "Veggie Ideas" from 9/6/10.

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  1. I was given the best eating advise ever just two months ago: take a dinner plate. divide it into quarters. one quarter should be protein, one quarter carbs like noodles, rice, potato, corn, and two quarters should be vegetables and fruits. i decided to eat that way, and i lost 7 pounds in 1 month and have kept it off. and i feel healthier. this works for kids too. also processed foods are poison when it comes to kids. they dont need the additives which are in all processed foods.