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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adult Bullies

As parents, we must be strong. SO strong.

A friend T. tells me that she is being bullied by her 3-year-old son's teacher. He has a dietary health issue, but the teacher continues to ignore my friend's requests to control harmful foods in the classroom. When T. has confronted the teacher, she belittles the issue and says that she's had experience with these dietary needs and not to second-guess her. T. has turned to the principal, who simply says that she'll talk to the teacher (again).

T. turned to me nearly in tears and said, "Am I over-reacting? Should I just let the teacher do whatever she wants and trust that she knows what she's talking about?"

I told T. that as far as I'm concerned, she is absolutely in the right to stand her ground and not be bullied by the teacher. Turn to the principal again, and if that doesn't work, turn to the school's board of directors. Threaten to pull out your child from the school. Threaten to sue. Threaten to publicize that the school won't take care of children's health. Do whatever it takes.

Because if you are not advocating for your kid, who is?

If you don't advocate for him, what message are you sending? Your child needs to see that you are strong. Rock-solid. Firmly supporting him. So that he gets the message that it's okay to be strong. It's right to hold your ground. And it's wrong to let others pressure us into decisions we're not comfortable with as parents.

Spread the word - to your friends, your family, your peers, and whoever else needs to hear it. Be strong. Be firm. Be a grown-up. Because you are and you should.

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