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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One of the biggest problems facing America today is the state of our economy.

How did we get this way? America used to be the most industrious of nations, saving metal for the war and volunteering above and beyond the call of duty!

One reason for our downward spiral is our coddling style of parenting. Possibly due to the many advances in developmental psychology, most parents are overly nervous of emotionally hurting their children and fear pushing them too much, asking too much of them, or generally upsetting their feelings. And besides, it's usually easier to just give in - clean up for them, buy them the extra toy, or offer an extra sweet to maintain the peace.

Being a firm parent isn't easy - it requires emotional strength and commitment, and a solid sense of long-term gain over short-term appeasement. But the long-term benefits are tremendous: children who learn to pick up after their play-dates, to diligently do their homework and to dutifully do their chores, end up happier and more productive members of their community and society at large.