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Monday, July 18, 2011

Where There's a Will

One of the most important things to do when you have a child, and yet somehow majorly overlooked, is establishing a legally-binding Last Will & Testament. In just about every parenting and baby magazine, filled with ads for all sorts of toys, tshirts, or other must-haves, there is little or no mention of how to put together a will. It baffles me.

While we are basking in this miracle of new life, we forget how fragile this life is and... well, is there no "what if..."? Listen fellow moms (and dads, and guardians...): Believe it or not, we ARE actually all going to die someday, sooner or later. And what happens to your little cherub when you go? Are you SURE s/he will be taken care of the way you anticipate?

This is true of all parents, young and old alike: we have to make sure we take care of our kids, even after our inevitable demise. I encourage you to check out: WillMaker, an easy and quick way to take care of the basics (see link & image). It includes Health Care Directives & Financial Power of Attorney - both very important for any parent.

If this program isn't to your liking, or you have extra conditions you want to take care of, find an estate lawyer and get talking.

Of course, your will is useless unless it's kept safe. Make a copy and give it to someone close to you, whom you trust. Keep your own copy in a safe or safe deposit box.

Once you have the will in place, it isn't too hard to add or change later. But you have to have the groundwork set in order to stipulate for other additional children or changes in your finances, health, etc.

Be responsible, even about the uncertain and uncontrollable. It's one of the first lessons in parenthood.


  1. have you checked out Legalzoom.com for wills? Would you say that WillMaker is a better/easier option?

  2. I hadn't heard of Legalzoom.com before - thanks for sharing!
    I think WillMaker is an easy first-step for people who want something fast and cheap. In my experience, it's important to have SOMEthing in place. We started with the program and then decided we had special circumstances we wanted addressed and then went to a living-breathing lawyer to help us from there.
    Perhaps Legalzoom.com is easier or better - I'll leave it up to readers to comment if they try that venue.