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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Myth of The Blinking Eye

Some of the most frustrating experiences I have had involve someone older than me saying "enjoy your children now - you'll see how quickly they grow up, in the blink of an eye!"

When my children are sick, crying, whining, or otherwise invading my peace-of-mind, I blink and blink and... nothing happens!!! They are NOT suddenly graduating high school, and I am NOT wondering where the years went. Instead, I'm wondering "how long, oh Lord?!!"

When we are in the midst of the stresses of early-child-rearing, the days can feel like years, not vice-versa. Yes, we can do our best to relax and appreciate these little miracles who share our space, our beds, our bodies, but the reality is that the tough times can seem to last forEVER.

If you have days that are endless, nights that go on for an eternity, and babies/children who just won't quit crying, know that you're not alone. If we hold hands (literally or figuratively) and give each other strength, then maybe it'll pass a little faster, and we WILL make it to that graduation everyone else is talking about :)

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  1. I hear you, Girlfriend! I hate those "blink of an eye" comments. Sometimes one day does seem like an eternity!