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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Myths & Facts #1: PottyTraining

Myth: "My kid was potty trained in a week at age 13 months old! No hassle, no mess!"

Fact: Some kids will take *years* (no joke!) to finally go without accidents. And it won't matter much what age you introduce him to the wonderful poopy-swishing machine. (Especially if you include night shifts in the bargain).

Explanation: Kinda like childbirth, the truth is that this is less of a one-big-intense-moment and more like a long-drawn-out-haul. You can plan all kinds of perks and prizes to help encourage your tike to "do it, do it, do it on the toi-let!" but the truth is he will very likely sometimes do-it-right and sometimes do-it-whenever/wherever he wants, even after months of knowing where the toilet is and how to do-it.

...So be patient. Choose when you want to make the introduction, probably based on when your kid heads to school or daycare - either for your ease-of-mind or mandated by the age/class of the school. Go ahead and make it fun or amusing, but *take it easy* - don't sweat if your kid doesn't embrace the new system 100%. Plan ahead with lots of baking soda to throw into messy laundry (get comfortable with the "soak" cycle) and buy some thick underpants and extra plastic-mats at your local baby store to carry you through the nights. As with everything else in parenting: consider this a test of your endurance - go for the Gold!

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