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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Myths & Facts #3: Perfect Parents

Myth: "I never shout or lose my tempter. I make sure to always treat my child evenly and calmly."

Fact: We all lose our cool. It's just a matter of life.

Explanation: We are humans. Not angels. We are not meant to be perfect and be "always" anything, really. We constantly change and grow, just as our kids do. This means that even if we are usually calm and even-tempered, we sometimes will not be.

More importantly: imagine a child who has never heard shouting, a mistaken rebuke, or anything but calm, polite discourse. Such a child, in my estimation, would be ill-equipt to lead a balanced life when he hits elementary school, much less adulthood. We all face challenges and imperfect lives. We need to know how to deal with adversity, mistakes, and hardships. Perfect parents are a myth, and aren't we so glad that's the case?!

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