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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bottle Blessings

I'm really into breastfeeding. In fact, I'm probably one of those moms who inadvertently makes non-breastfeeders feel inferior. It's not intentional, and at least I'm somewhat aware of it - that I'm just really into breastfeeding.

And yet, as I embark on my journey with child #4, I must admit that breastfeeding-only moms are at a clear disadvantage in one very important way: bottle is a quicker, more efficient feed and leads to a sleepier baby! See, in my experience, it takes much less time to pump 4 oz. of milk than to feed the same amount, and then baby works significantly less hard to get those same 4 oz. from a bottle than directly from the breast. My baby is clearly more satiated after a bottle-feeding than any breastfeeding and dozes off like an angel and stays asleep!

I had heard that formula-fed babies sleep better than breastfed babies, but I believe it's not about the formula, it's about the bottle!

So, for those who are experiencing babies who seem to waken every hour or so for a feeding during the night, you may want to experiment with pumping your milk and giving via bottle - to give yourself a well-deserved break. I know that it's a risky business meddling with the supply-demand cycle of mom and baby, but for those who are just that tired, I'm pretty sure one (or even more!) feeding won't make that much of a difference... but that extra hour of sleep will!

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