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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Moving, Kid!

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in America. The average American lifestyle allows for overweight people to feel "normal" and our children are especially at risk. A key factor leading to obesity is our sedentary lifestyle. Between computers, television, video games, and long days at school, your child may be spending up to 95% of his day sitting down. Immobile. Barely using up the calories he has taken in through the day. Parents should realize that this is a problem. Limiting weekday television, computer-play, and video game time is helpful. Eliminating these as weekday events is better. Children can be taught that spending most of the day with minimal movement is not ideal and they should instead enjoy activities requiring movement.

There are a number of ways to encourage movement. One possibility is after-school activities like gymnastics, swimming, basketball, or dance. Encourage your child to join a team. Set up movement-focused possibilities around the house: a basketball hoop in the yard, roller-blades in your basement, a chin-up bar across the bedroom door, even games like knock-hockey encourage healthy play with movement. When your child is done with homework (or still younger than that age), put on some music, throw around some scarves and let her dance around the house.

Of course, the best way to engage your child in physical activity is by example. Be a role-model. Let her know that you go work out in the mornings. Or dance, throw balls, chase, or hide-and-seek with her, together. Do a personal inventory of your OWN sedentary time - how many hours do YOU spend on the computer, watching television, or otherwise relatively immobile? Be honest with yourself. And make sure you are being the role model you know your child needs.

For your sake and that of your child, get everybody moving!

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