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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Hats!

As the cold weather approaches, here's a plug for a great product:

Visit either skihats.com or dinohaven.com and check out their hats and accessories for winter. I purchased customized, personalized hats for my kids and CONSTANTLY get complements. First of all, you can customize according to what your child likes (colors, styles). Then, you add his NAME so that the hat, scarf, or gloves are easy to identify when left at a playdate, preschool, store, restaurant, or library (among other places).

Sure, it's more expensive than purchasing at Old Navy or Walmart, but the quality can't be beat, shipping is fast (and one price, regardless of quantity - so you can get as gifts for the holidays, for example!), and the customer service is great.

Note that the skihats.com site includes their outlet items, which REALLY can't be beat! Enjoy & keep warm!

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