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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bathing an Infant

Ok this is one of my more "practical" blogs.

Seems to me, there are a lot of newborns that are screaming through their first baths. My mom gave me some pointers, to make sure new baby enjoys the first experience being wet (outside in the world, that is), and I added some modifications based on my own experience. Note that you won't find these in any baby-bathing guides (magazines or online), as far as I've seen...

The key is to make sure baby is always WARM. If you have a space-heater or other ways to warm the room (especially for winter babies), make sure you use them. You can pre-heat the room and have the heater off during the bath. Alternatively, you can get the room steamy warm before baby enters, or use a hair blower to make sure the room is warm - all methods work.

Another key to keeping baby happy is to have him SNUG - in other words, mostly wrapped-up. You can designate a receiving blanket or a towel and immerse the baby in the water FULLY WRAPPED. This way baby is warm AND feels protected. It also helps contain poopies or other things you don't want floating around in the otherwise-clean bath.

Finally, many babies get THIRSTY when they are in the tub. You can keep a bottle with a bit of clean warm water, a wet pacifier or bit of wet cotton cloth for him to suck on, or take a small cup and gently pour small (SMALL) amounts of clean water in baby's mouth during the bath (it won't matter if it spills, since he's already wet! He may enjoy licking/sucking whatever makes it to his lips or tongue). Then, baby is not frustrated that he is enjoying the water outside but really wants some in his tummy.

To clean the baby, you simply unwrap one section at a time, clean, and re-wrap. This may include baby's head, depending on your wrapping method. Make sure to use soft sponges or wipes and gentle baby soap. Rinse gently and quickly transfer baby from wet-wrap to dry-towel.

Voila! Baby is happy and mommy and daddy are relieved and reassured that they CAN take care of this little creature all by themselves!


  1. I never heard that a newborn may be thirsty while bathing. Brilliant! My kids both hated baths so I just avoided them for weeks, giving them sponge baths instead. Exclusively breastfed babies are so clean, it's almost a crime to wash away their delicious smell. I must try this swaddling idea for the next one. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Excellent advice, Kira. We had so much trouble with baths (and well, EVERYTHING ELSE!) that truthfully we couldn't do real baths until Raizy was 7 months old. how crazy is that. Raizy was just too uncomfortable from her reflux and too exhausted from days of non-stop screaming to deal with the extra tactile stimulation of undressing, bathing, and an extra dressing. We did keep her in warm rooms. thanks for the post.