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Monday, August 30, 2010

On Humility

One of the greatest challenges to us humans is humility. The idea that we don't know everything, can't control everything, and have limited capabilities is quite upsetting and difficult to comprehend. After all, we are each stuck in our own minds, our own realities.

Humility as a parent is even more challenging... and necessary. When the days are rough, we need to remind ourselves that it's not ALL about ourselves and our frustrations and instead have compassion and mercy for these little creatures who may drive us crazy but have their own sensitive spirits. And when the days are joyful, we need to be thankful for the blessings and miracles in our midst, and not let it go to our heads that WE are the ones who created such cuteness.

It's a fine line we walk: we need to feel and act both totally and utterly responsible for our children, while still being mindful of the fact that much of what is going on around us is beyond our control.

The better we are at letting go of our sense of pride, the calmer we will be as parents. Most of the time when I am angry, it's because reality is not what I expected and I lack the humility to recognize and appreciate what I am facing and have faith that things will change (because they always do). If I have a rough night with my children, the next night WILL be different. And if I have a fantastic set of nights of peace and calm, one of these nights WILL be different. These are difficult ideas to believe, deeply and truly.

Humility is a constant spiritual, emotional, intellectual struggle. Please join me in facing our pride, so that we can build a better, healthier, and more compassionate tomorrow for our children.

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