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Life with young children can be challenging, but with the support and advice of friends, we can feel empowered and thankful for the blessing of being a Mom.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


My extraordinarily brilliant husband made a profound discovery.

He sums up the infant/young-child parenting experience, as such: a life of interruptions. From showers to telephone calls, from blogging to eating to watching a football game, there is no such thing as a complete activity without interruption.

As I blog right now, I have one daughter leaning on my right, reading over my shoulder and asking "what are you writing?!" and another daughter asking, "can I watch a (youtube) video now?" My son is about to finish on the toilet and scream for me to take care of his after-needs. And the baby - well, anytime is a good time for him to be held, nursed, or changed - right away!

SO - for those who are starting to think about babies, or about to embark on this most-interesting journey, my advice to you is this: be prepared for interruptions. Lots and lots. The more comfortable you are with constant and sudden interruption, the more sane and calm you will be as a parent.

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  1. I've referred to my life as 'Sleep, Interrupted'. most recently, since B'H now 3/4 kids are totally verbal, I cannot get through a complete sentence to my spouse without them interrupting.