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Life with young children can be challenging, but with the support and advice of friends, we can feel empowered and thankful for the blessing of being a Mom.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

The mandatory 30 minute buffers

One tidbit of practical advice for life with babies and young children: add a 30-minute buffer to your timing estimate for getting things done. For example, if you have a sink full of dishes that would normally take 15 minutes to wash, figure it will take 45. Or, if you need to be somewhere at 10AM, prepare as if you need to be there at 9:30AM. Getting dressed and ready in the morning? Add 1/2 hour of prep time. Going grocery shopping for milk & eggs? Plan to come home with the other 23  items that your 3 year old ABSOLUTELY MUST have, if you are to leave the store in one piece.

This 1/2 hour of buffer is important so that you will be neither constantly late nor constantly frustrated. After all, your child will likely either throw a tantrum, throw toys all over the room, or throw up on your white carpet, while you are diligently preparing for activity X.

If you have more than one child, you will likely need to add a 30 minute buffer for each, and some days that means that you NEVER get dressed or leave the house, because it would literally take all day to do either. It's ok. Just enjoy a pajama party with your kids and be glad life is full of surprises.

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