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Monday, September 20, 2010


One thing that really frustrates me is children's vitamins. I don't mind giving my kids the extra boost - hey, they really are modern miracles to ward off all kinds of diseases. The extra Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B's, Vitamin C's... not to mention minerals like Iron & Calcium. Children in many countries still suffer terrible malnourishment due to lack of certain vitamins and minerals in their diet, so I'm grateful to have these little super-pills available.

What upsets and confounds me about giving my kids vitamins is the added colors, preservatives, flavors, etc. I feel particularly sensitive to these carcinogens when it comes to vitamins. I mean, what a conflict: do I give my kids these vitamins when such awful colors & artificial flavors come along for the ride? Are these still super-pills to keep them healthy or yet more junk to fill their sensitive little bodies with pollutants?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a mom who is die-hard organic. I *prefer* natural, organic living, but I'm not up to fighting that fight to the bitter end. We have junky foods around, including food colors, and our hummus has preservatives so that it won't go bad within the week.

But there's something particularly sinister about giving vitamins with added colors, flavors, and preservatives. And I just can't get myself to feel comfortable doing so.

Luckily, I recently found some more natural alternatives at the health food store. Attached is a link to get it through Amazon (I LOVE this feature!) My kids love them, and I feel much better giving them these than the ones at CVS or Costco. Are they much more expensive? YOUBETCHA! But I can't help but feel that at least THIS should be a truly healthy boost for them in their days/diets.

Hope this is helpful and gets you thinking a little more about what we feed our kids...

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